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Easy to use proximity marketing software that allows you to send your data to all Bluetooth®
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30 November 2008

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Businesses are always in the lookout for new ways to promote their product their product and increasingly mobile phones are becoming a popular medium. Now if you wanted to tap potential customers without actually going through an ad platform then you give a thought to Bluetooth. Though it sounds weird, but you can easily achieve it and all you need to get is a Bluetooth device and BlueLive 3.0 application for your PC. The program makes it a cake walk for you to send your data to mobile phones equipped with Bluetooth, which are in your device’s range. It’s a powerful application that assists you in grabbing customer’s attention, passing through your premises.

Using the BlueLive 3.0 utility you can easily send various type of content like adverts, music files, movies, TV ads, etc. Just connect your Bluetooth device to the PC and launch the application. Before beginning to use BlueLive, you need to add file to the program by filling the necessary information relating to the advert. You can add graphics, mobile music, applications, mobile themes, mobile videos, etc, and even select File Type. Further, you can specify the schedule, time period and week schedule for adverts, and finally click on Add File. The added advert files are listed on program screen. When you’ve made with the selections, just hit the blue icon on the toolbar to start sending the adverts. For detection of Bluetooth mobile phones within reach, click on ‘Diagnosis’ and you can easily send adverts to them. Even you can add specific devices as blacklist and special list. Moreover, it allows exporting/printing the reports of the task performed, in CSV, HTML, XML, PDF, and Excel format. To add in, it includes 3 Mode; Search, Server and Search and Send, and the ‘Utility’ features such as Setting, Company Card, Card Creator, Calendar Creator, Promotions, etc.

BlueLive 3.0 application makes it rather easy for you to reach, and grab the attention of people towards your products or services, by sending the adverts on their mobile phones through Bluetooth. Rated with 4 points, the software endows you with the capacity to tap potential customers in way which very organizations have ever done before; in addition its different self-explanatory features and credible performance holds it in good stead.

Publisher's description

Main Features:
Send any multimedia file - Send any type of content you wish, still or animated adverts, music, narrative or music files, including movies or TV ads, Java or WAP push interactive content.
Can send different types of advertisements including: Text, Still Images, and animated images, Audio Files, Video Clips, Business Cards, Calendar Events, Java Applications and Games, html files
You can use it to advertise your business 24/7 all year long for FREE.
Send Business Card (vCard) - Send out your business card to everyone with your name, contact telephone number, email address and website address including a little about what you do also you can send details Business Card with image with our Vcard Creator
you can chose different modes for files sending, you can send all files in your Campaign list, you can send random files, also you can chose to send all files from any directory you want
Timer Function: The timer function allows you to define the specific timings to send the files you have selected. This way you can send different files, at different timings during the day, targeted to your specific needs. i.e: You want to send 2 files from one system, and that way you will send the offer from your Shop between 8 am and 12 am,and send the other offer from your Shop between 1 pm and 10 pm
Random Function: The random function allows you to have a selected number of files , to be sent throughout the day and random times. Therefore you have the chance to promote more products at the same time, and send them randomly to your customers while they shop or pass through your store
Send from Folder Function:in this function you chose a folder then BlueLive allows you to send specific files in a sequence. Once the customer has received file "A", the system will recognize that has already sent file "A", and will send the next file (file "B", "C" or "D")
Version 3.0
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